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As a customer and a prospective investor, it is only right that you care about our numbers. Here are the audited balances made available for your perusal.

Abridged Account links:
- Abridged Account 2023
- Abridged Account 2022
- Abridged Account 2019
- Abridged Account 2018
- Abridged Account 2017
- Abridged Account 2016
- Abridged Account 2015
- Abridged Account 2014
- Abridged Account 2013

HMB Financial Statements links:
- HMB 2019 Financial Statements
- HMB 2020 Financial Statements
- HMB 2021 Financial Statements
- HMB 2022 Financial Statements
- HMB 2023 Financial Statements

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