Redeem a property on Camp

The redemption camp holds so many promises; as such, customers can enjoy the broad-based benefit of HCHA in owing a home in redemption camp. Irrespective of the construction project at hand in Redemption Camp, HCHA allows you to enjoy full credit support with flexible repayment plans.

For Whom
  • Members of the Redeemed Christian Church of God all over the world
  • Parish, Area, Provincial and Regional Churches of the mission
  • Departments, schools, and other affiliates of the mission

  • Open a Camp Home Account with N50,000 and operate same for six months
  • Save a minimum of 30% of the project cost
  • Submit bill of quantities and relevant documents on land allocation from the mission
  • Repayment is tied to your cash flow pattern
  • Property under consideration shall serve as collateral

  • Equity contribution of 30% of the property/project cost.
  • Attractive credit interest on savings in camp HOME account where there are no withdrawals within the month.
  • Mortgage facility can be used to either purchase, build or renovate/upgrade existing houses.

  • Camp Home ownership made easy
  • Repayment period is negotiable
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Camp homes draw beneficiaries closer to their Creator
  • Property concerned serves as collateral

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Some Milestones

We have a high success Rate on our Mortgages, With Haggai, every things comes fast and easy. Convinent Mortgage Loans, which provides homes for all. Our passion is providing homes for all.







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