Saving Makes Dreams Happen

The Haggai Savings account was curated to helping you achieve your financial goals. You can save from wherever you are, and enjoy competitive interest rates.

Features & Benefits
  • Interest yielding account
  • Allows standing order requests
  • Third party withdrawals not permitted
  • Free financial advisory for account holders
  • ATM Card provided
  • Customers can also qualify for mortgage facilities

Joint Account

If you are looking to manage your money with another account holder, this is ideal for you. It can be ideal if you need to make collective payments. Each person can make withdrawals or write cheques, depending on the mandate agreed on the account.

How do I open and manage my account?
  • You can open and manage your account in any of our branches
  • Minimum deposit required to open the account is =N=10,000 for individuals

Can I withdraw money?
  • Yes. No notice is required to withdraw money in any of our branches.

Can my savings account be a mortgage?
  • Savings account doesn't qualify as a mortgage.

  • If interest is payable on the account, it will be calculated each day and paid monthly. Monthly Interest would not be applied after a third withdrawal in a month.

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Some Milestones

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