It all begins with securing a land.

With HAPA flexible repayment plans and competitive interest rates, customers who have decided to start their house construction project can get a mortgage to purchase their dream land.

For Whom
  • Corporate organizations and their employees
  • Churches
  • Business people with a regular income

How (Requirements)
  • Open a current account with an initial deposit of N20,000.00
  • Account is to be operated for a minimum of six months
  • Save a minimum of 30% of loan requirement
  • Letter of offer from the vendor
  • Search report on the property by a legal personnel
  • Valuation report by a registered Estate Surveyor & Valuer

  • Applicants must have a means of regular income.
  • Applicant must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Equity contribution of 30% of the cost of land.
  • Property must have registered title document.

  • Convenient repayment terms
  • Gradual succession plan to own a home with ease
  • Considerate interest rates
  • Minimal owner contribution of 30% of loan requirement
  • Professional advice and support from Haggai Mortgage Bank.

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Some Milestones

We have a high success Rate on our Mortgages, With Haggai, every things comes fast and easy. Convinent Mortgage Loans, which provides homes for all. Our passion is providing homes for all.







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