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The product is designed to assist our customers who have commenced construction projects, but require financial assistance to complete such projects. The aim of the product is to achieve completion of such buildings and allow the participants to own their own houses with ease.

For Whom - Corporate organizations and employees
- Churches
- Employees of reputable organizations
- Business people with a regular income

How (Requirements)
- Open an account with HMB with a minimum deposit of N20,000.00
- Operate account for a period of 6 months
- Save up to 30% of the bill of quantities amount
- Submission of bill of quantities by a registered quantity surveyor
- Submission of copies of layout and survey plan on the site
- Submission of copies of approved drawings (building plans)
- Detailed (stage by stage) schedule of works
- Submission of copies of available title documents

- Customer will only contribute 30% of the project cost
- HMB will fund the balance to the tune of 70% of the project cost.
- Applicant must have a means of regular income to cope with repayments.
- Property must have valid title documents.
- Property financed is used as collateral.
- Residential properties financed under this scheme will have insurance cover.

- Home ownership
- Economies of scale in purchases
- Minimal owner contribution of 30% of loan requirement
- Flexible repayment period removes pressure on your cashflow
- Free advisory services and support from Haggai Mortgage Bank.