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  • Dont give out your pin number, password or token to anyone.

  • Ignore anyone or who asks you to transfer money to a ‘safe account’ or verify your bank account information to protect your account from being closed or your card from being blocked. Remember Haggai Mortgage Bank will never make such request.

  • Don’t click on any link or open any attachment from an unsolicited emails. Doing so could allow fraudsters to access your information or infect your device with a virus.

  • Email fraud is called ‘phishing’. Don’t open any email that ask you to click on a link for the purpose of updating your account information, or to get a refund, or to download. Perhaps you open the mail, don’t click on the suspicious link in the message because it will direct you to a website that appears real and genuine.

  • If you receive a call from someone claiming to be from your bank, asking for personal information about yourself or your bank account, it could be a scam. Haggai Mortgage Bank will never ask a customer to provide, verify or update their account information via email.

  • Ignore text messages that you weren’t expecting which contains a link to a website and asks you to click through or call a number you don’t recognize

  • Avoid letting someone you don’t know have access to your computer

  • When choosing a PIN or password, pick something that’s easy for you to remember, but hard for anyone else to guess. Also you should never write your pin down. If it’s found by someone else, it could be used with your card. Remember, Haggai Mortgage Bank will never ask for your PIN or password in any correspondence.

  • Create strong passwords for your online banking and card transactions - Your password should be at least 10 characters long, a mixture of numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters and other symbols. Do not use the Save Password option on your computer.

  • To reduce the risk of fraud on your accounts, you should change your password regularly – at least once every 3 months.

  • As a protective device, our Online Banking Service has a Timed log out feature – We’ll log you out if you don’t use the service for 10 minutes. Also we’ll automatically disable your access to online banking if 3 incorrect log-in attempts are made. This is to stop fraudsters making repeated attempts to get into your accounts. Don’t forget to sign off when you have finished your online banking session.

  • When shopping online, avoid entering your card details on shared or public computers. Only enter your card details on secure sites – check that the web address begins with ‘https://’ and that there’s an unbroken padlock symbol in the browser address bar.