Designed to assist our customers in paying their ever increasing house rent with ease, until they become home owners.

For Whom
- Employees of reputable organizations
- Business people with regular income pattern
- Corporate organizations
- Missions

How (Requirements)
- Open and maintain Haggai Rent Account with an initial deposit of 5% of the target amount
- Save 30% of the target amount on equal installment basis for a minimum period of 3 months
- HSL will fund the 70% balance of the target amount
- Loan repayment is negotiable

- Save 30% of the target amount in an account with HSL
- HSL to fund 70% of the total bill or target amount
- Repayment period cannot be longer than the rent period Benefits
- Account holder is allowed to set the target and tenor of savings
- Participants are positioned to pay their rent with ease
- Participants are encouraged to develop a saving culture
- Interest on the loan is relatively low
- Rent payment made easy
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